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When a community unites in the pursuit of fitness and camaraderie, incredible things happen. The in-house throwdown competition at BYS CrossFit in Burgess Hill, UK, sponsored by Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA), was a shining example of this power.

With 60 dedicated members and a crowd of friends and family cheering them on, the event was electrifying, exuding a positive atmosphere that fueled the spirits of all present.

More than just a competition, it was a celebration of inclusivity, support, and the remarkable transformation of BYS CrossFit, all while devouring pizza slices from a food truck! So, let’s dive into the action-packed day and discover what made it so special.

Embracing Inclusivity…

One of the standout features of the event was its commitment to inclusivity. In the spirit of fairness, teams were randomly drawn out of a hat, blurring the lines between seasoned CrossFitters and those new to the game. This decision fostered a true sense of community, where everyone felt like they belonged and were part of something extraordinary. The shared goal of giving their all in each event brought participants together, forging new friendships and memories that would last a lifetime.

Three Events, One Passion:

The in-house throwdown featured three events designed to challenge every aspect of the athletes’ abilities.

  • Strength Event: 8 minutes to find a heavy 2 Squat Clean into a 6 minute AMRAP – 3 squat cleans and 3 burpees over bar.
  • Cardio Event: 10 minutes of 30 sec on 30 off between calories and thrusters.
  • Functional/Gymnastic Movements: A round dedicated to double unders, box jump overs, sit ups, knee raises, pull ups, CTB and so much more.

The Driving Force Behind Success: Fitness Marketing Agency…

Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA) partnered with BYS CrossFit before they opened their doors. Their support and guidance helped the gym grow from 0 to 80 members in just four months. The in-house throwdown competition was a way for FMA to give back to the community. The passion for fitness and fostering a positive environment was evident throughout the event, reflecting the shared values of both BYS CrossFit and FMA.

Co-owner Tom was the driving force behind the success of BYS CrossFit. His dedication to the community and the sport was palpable, as he led the day’s festivities with infectious enthusiasm and genuine excitement.

Fueling Champions…

As participants gave their all on the competition floor, they were rewarded with a tasty treat that everyone loves – pizza! A food truck on-site provided a delicious and well-deserved refuel, creating a relaxed and social atmosphere for athletes, spectators, and supporters to connect and share stories.

Fitness Marketing Agency has prepared a behind-the-scenes video that captures the essence of the day. Check out BYS CrossFit’s first-ever in-house throwdown! And find out more about FMA could potentially help your CrossFit facility.

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