Thursday, November 2nd, 2023

Navigating the realm of business is undeniably challenging; it demands resilience and dedication. In a world filled with distractions and constant comparisons, your success hinges on your mindset, actions, and leadership. The journey can often feel isolating, which is precisely why we organise our Mastermind events. These gatherings foster a nurturing community where 200 passionate Fitness Business Owners meet at world-class venues such as the Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham, to exchange ideas, cultivate growth, and provide mutual support.

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The Focus

What do you want to achieve in the last 59 days of the year? Ben Davis (CEO/Founder of FMA) led the first session directing FMA clients to create a simple action plan. Focus on 3 things that you want to achieve in the next 59 days and become laser-focused on making that happen. This Mastermind we want FMA clients to unlock just a few nuggets – that’s all it takes to have a huge impact and generate thousands in revenue for your business. These nuggets will come from conversations in this room or from content on stage so clients are encouraged to be receptive and take in as much as they can.

The Fitness Marketing Agency Podcast

The FMA podcast covers everything from mindset, marketing, sales, product, operations, team, and finances – everything vital for running a successful Fitness Business. The podcast is a great way to learn from industry experts and Fitness Business Owners, we shared this with the room and we want to share it with you too. Click Here To Watch/Listen To The Podcast.

Finance Masterclass

Ben Davis (CEO/Founder of FMA) introduces Duncan Lloyd (Cloud Accountant) as we move into the Finance Masterclass. Duncan explains why every business should have 5 bank accounts. Duncan breaks down the exact system Fitness Business Owners should be implementing into their business to optimise their financial figures, making sure you focus on profit first. He highlights what percentage of your revenue should be dedicated to each bank account to put your business into the best financial position possible. For many Fitness Business Owners – finances can be daunting but Duncan breaks it down so you can become confident with knowing your numbers.

Wellness Hour

Oli Patrick (Co-Founder of Future Practice) talks welltech and the modern gym: can devices bring wellbeing to the fitness industry? There is a $4.4 trillion wellbeing opportunity and currently fitness providers are a piece of wellbeing but not a wellbeing provider, but Oli demonstrates exactly how you can be.

Baz Moffat (Co-Owner of The Well HQ) followed on from Oli’s talk on wellbeing to talk about about female health in fitness. We have built a great system for males but we are now just fitting females into that system. As a fitness industry, we need to start considering female health and what needs to be considered in order to create an environment where women can feel like they belong.

Recurring Revenue Panel

Five FMA clients took to the stage to discuss how much recurring revenue they are making every month and exactly how they have got there. Everyone in the room has a goal of the recurring revenue they are aiming to reach and this panel gave some golden pieces of information to get other FMA clients to overcome hesitations and fears around making the changes necessary to hit their goals.

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Marketing, Sales and Mindset

The room split for a Marketing for Q4 session for FMA UpLevel Clients ran by Ben Davis (CEO/Founder, FMA) and Charlie Horton (Head Of Growth, FMA) whilst FMA Momentum clients headed to the breakout room for a mindset and sales conversion session with Pete Cohen (Motivational Speaker), Luke Robinson (Sales&Coaching, FMA) and Tom Jackobs (Sales&Coaching, FMA). Your ability to succeed as a Fitness Business Owner is all down to how many enquiries you receive, your ability to convert those clients into customers, and how you service your community so people stick, refer, and become lifelong customers. How is this achieved? A solid marketing and sales strategy that works 365 days a year.

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Celebrity Service

The last session of the day was led by our keynote speaker Geoff Ramm (Author & Customer Service Speaker). Geoff led an incredibly informative and entertaining session educating FMA clients how to take the leap to stand out from the competition and take that next step to connect with customers by thinking outside the box. A great talk that inspired everyone in the room.

FMA Partners

It was incredible to see all of our FMA partners at attendance at Mastermind helping FMA clients with adding secondary spend into their business, helping their finances, their business systems, community and so much more.

After Mastermind…

The FMA team and FMA clients headed out for the client social at The Park Regis Hotel for a drink or two to debrief on all of the amazing speakers and everything that has been taken away from the day and ready to be implemented into FMA clients businesses.

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