At Fitness Marketing Agency we have a 2023 steps challenge going on in the office.

Nice and simple, the person with the most steps in January wins the top prize (a voucher for everyone’s favourite coffee shop!)

There is also a prize for second and third place too but eyes on the gold!

The FMA team are motivated to be more active, it’s fun and who doesn’t love a friendly bit of competition?

Creating simple but fun challenges like this is so beneficial for company culture and team spirit.

Some of the team have even formed ‘FMA Run Club’ with the goal of getting more steps in January.

Check out their first run…

It’s a win-win. Great for team morale and team bonding as well as motivating staff to be healthier and get fitter, building good habits at the start of the year.

So I challenge you to create your own challenge in your Fitness Business for your team in February!

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