Name: Thomas Busby
Business: PHIT Fitness Academy, Aston & Erdington

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What Thomas had to say:

“There is a lot more than just Facebook marketing, it’s been an absolute blessing working with FMA over the last year… for anyone who is a bit sceptical about coming on board with FMA, I’d say do it, if you want to find a company that’s going to work alongside you… FMA is the right way to go!”

Thomas started his fitness career in Football but after some serious injuries Thomas ended up getting into Personal Training. This was never his plan but by the age of 20, he managed to open up his own facility.

Thomas’s goal was to open another facility so he joined FMA. Within his first month of joining FMA, he increased his revenue by £7000 a month, grew his client base to maximum capacity and managed to open up a second location.

Thomas found in his first marketing campaign he was getting an incredible volume of leads and they were so much warmer than he was used to. The majority of sales Thomas made from the leads he received, have all stayed on as clients so his retention rate and recurring revenue also massively improved.

Month on month, Thomas is increasing his recurring revenue, getting strong leads, making sales and retaining these clients.

Thomas realised it was not just the marketing he needed but the back-end systems which FMA has also massively helped him improve. Thomas has taken full advantage of all of the referral campaigns, email marketing campaigns and so many other resources that FMA provide which has helped him spend more time focussing on running the business and improving the quality of his service.

Since implementing everything he has learnt and continues to learn at FMA he is in a really strong position to continue growing his business.