At the start of January, FMA had a company team meeting led by CEO and Founder Ben Davis.

Here’s what happened…

Ben gave the team an insight into his background. How he grew up, how his career started, how he got to where he is today and how he plans to move into the future.

The team found out what motivates Ben, what scares him, his own personal wants and goals as well as his dreams for the future of Fitness Marketing Agency.

Ben shared everything about himself in order to inspire the whole team to be vulnerable with what they want personally.


To ensure everyone at the company is aligned. Working towards individual goals as well as the company’s goal together. To make sure that everyone has a strong work ethic and is excited about where the company is headed and knows what they need to bring to the table in order to get there.

The Outcome…

The team left the meeting motivated and inspired knowing that if they work hard, bring their A-game and are united as a team then they will get rewarded for it.

Following on from the company meeting, each team member reflected, set their own goals and had a 1-1 meeting with Ben in which they openly talked about what they wanted to achieve in the short and long term.

These goals ranged from – Financial, Health, Fitness, Career, Wellness, Relationships and so many more.

Having open and honest communication is key to building a good company culture. When everyone knows what they are working towards and why, the team can collectively support each other and work collaboratively.

And this goes both ways… knowing what the company needs and knowing what your staff need.

So how do you outline your company’s culture?

Fitness Marketing Agency has created its own culture book and so should you.

A culture book is an ongoing manual that demonstrates a company’s values, its story and its commitment to building a positive company culture.
What can be included in a company culture book?

  • History of the business
  • The company’s mission
  • The company’s values and principles
  • Future goals
  • About the team
  • Inclusion, wellbeing and benefits
  • Message from the CEO

And anything else that may reflect your business and where you want it to be in the future.

Creating a culture book is definitely time-consuming but it is most certainly worth it.

Here are some of the benefits of having a culture book…

  • Recruit new staff who fit your culture
  • Sets the tone and expectations for new starters
  • Maintain/devise the culture you want to have within your existing team
  • Drive the desired behaviours across your staff
  • Provide insight into your business to potential partners or other companies
  • Have a professional document to demonstrate your history, goals and values/principles
  • You have the perfect ‘FREE GIFT’ to give out to your clients

At Fitness Marketing Agency, we have created specific training and template for creating a culture book because we know how important and beneficial it is.
If you want to find out more about more, book a call with the team here: