You vs you in the future will hopefully be completely different.

What I mean by this, is hopefully you’ve grown.

Grown professionally and personally.

There is a famous saying that reads – stagnate or die.

You most probably have friends that haven’t invested in themselves and they are stuck and will continue to be stuck in life for years to come.

– They don’t read
– They don’t listen to audio books
– They don’t follow their dreams
– They stay in their comfort zone


They are really good at knowing:

– the latest gossip
– reality TV
– the latest sports transfers and scores


They will also complain about:

– The lack of money they have
– The weather (You can move you know.)
– How hard life is
– Blah, Blah, blah…

So you have two choices I guess…

Stay as you are or grow.

The decision is yours.

Speak soon,


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