Let’s get real here.

The biggest thing holding you back is YOU!

It’s the same for everyone, including me.

We all have this negative voice in our heads that tells us at some point…

– That will not work for me.
– My ‘business’ is different.
– I’ll not invest, I’ll figure it out myself.
– Will I look or feel silly.

It’s the same for a weight loss client that comes to you for the first time. 99.9% of them will have a negative self talk dialogue going on in their head, such as…

– Will I look or feel silly
– Will I be the sweatiest
– Will I be last
– Will I be out of breath
– Will I be too fat
– Will it be painful

And guess what they (the overweight client) have to overcome their limiting self doubt to achieve the desired result they are looking for – weight loss.

It’s the same with you and your fitness business.

You have to get over the limiting self doubt you have right now.

Or the story you keep telling yourself, like:

– I got burned before when hiring someone so I’ll never do that again
– I’ll pay myself X when I get to Y
– I’ll invest in myself/business when XYZ, blah, blah, blah

Have you ever had an obese client come to you and open up about how they want to lose weight.

You tell them the price and then they tell you how they are about to go on a two week all-inclusive holiday so they’ll join when they get back…

And you never hear from them again and you know deep down they’ll never lose weight.

Simply because they keep telling the same old story etc…

Look, if you want to pay yourself more money (that you deserve) and build a fitness business that no longer has ups and downs you need a new strategy.

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P.S. Don’t let EGO hold you back.

Ego stops so many people.

It’s OK to get help.

It’s OK NOT to know everything.

It’s OK to spend money as a business investment, so you create a better fitness business.

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