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Unity Fitness : Background

Zara Dawson has been in the industry for just over five years and was previously involved in competitive bodybuilding. She was passionate about working with other people and started personal training in a local gym .She was renting space in a couple of gyms for the first couple years and then was given an opportunity in one of the local hotels to open a small studio.

The challenge

Zara was working as a one-man band and was only taking in around 30 members and didn’t really know how to market herself.

She had a few marketing ideas thinking that word of mouth would work but she faced a lot of competition. She kept seeing FMA popping up on Facebook and said that something just kept drawing her towards FMA. Zara had no clue what she was getting into and after signing up for just a week unfortunately the pandemic happened and we went into lockdown.

How we helped

We helped Zara map out her marketing efforts in an effective and efficient manner during the lockdown period as well as showing her how to adapt in times like these to ensure lead conversion.

“FMA was fantastic in that they had everything mapped out for us so I felt completely safe and secure what we were doing and my business continued to grow even while we were on lockdown so before lockdown there we were sitting roughly at about 30 members and now we’re on the other side sitting at 97.” – Zara Dawson

I would say to anyone who’s really considering it like if you are someone who’s willing to put in some work because you’re passionate about your business these guys will literally take you by the hand teach you everything you need to know and it will be successful.

Zara Dawson, Unity Fitness

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