In this short video Ben Davis from Fitness Marketing Agency shares some useful tips about the application process to successfully market your fitness business. 



Many FMA clients use this simple process everyday to generate ideal enquiries into their business. 

What is the application process?

  • You should be pushing people to a specific opt-in page.
  • You want to be requesting more information (name, email, phone number) so you can follow up.
  • As soon as people submit their data we want to push them to an application.  Just to weed out anyone who is not an ideal fit for your community.
  • From the application we want to simply push them to a page to just confirm what they’re doing and that you as the business owner will be in contact with them to find out if they’re a good fit for your program.

Client Case Study using the application process


This client opened a brand new outdoor boot camp just before lockdown kicked in and they had zero clients so as soon as the government allowed outdoor training we started marketing. 


  • They ran the advertisement based on our teachings. 
  • They’ve had 85 leads opt-in here. 
  •  They had 51 of those 85 fill out the application. 
  • They made contact with those 51 people and had a sales conversation with them. 
  • They now have 22 new clients, hopefully in two weeks they should have 40 to 50 full subscriptions.

This client scouted their business very quickly, they serviced a lot of people and they’re going to be making a good amount of money from the new clients that they’ve brought in.

Even though there are plenty of other options in the marketplace for you to potentially get help a lot of these services are one trick ponies. They claim to have big businesses but when you look behind the scenes they most probably just work from their mum and dad’s house and have never employed a staff member or worked in the fitness industry.

But at Fitness Marketing Agency we are a real business and a real team and we have hundreds of clients around the world who are actively learning from us every single day to generate great wealth for themselves and their business.

Take the leap of faith, trust the process, back yourself and if you’re interested then click the link below, fill out a survey and tell us a little bit more information about yourself. 

If you’re a good fit, we will speak on the phone and then i can share a little bit more information about how we can potentially help you.