In this short training video Ben Davis explains the Ideal Client Triangle for Fitness Business Owners. 



Every fitness business owner wants ready-to-buy leads but the problem is consumers potentially don’t know who you are or how you can help them. 

What Does Each Level of The Ideal Client Triangle Mean?

Completely Unaware

  • Most people are completely unaware that they have a problem e.g. underlying health issues, low fitness levels, they are deconditioned and ultimately they are not in good shape. 
  • If they continue to live their life like this it will potentially lead to disease and an early death.

Problem Aware

  • People know that they have a problem e.g. they might have gone to the doctor, they may be on medication.
  • BUT they are yet to make the decision to find a solution for that specific problem.

Solution Aware

  • Customers or prospective customers opt-in to your offers or your advertisements knowing that they’ve got a problem.
  • These customers actively seek a solution to help them with their health, fitness, mindset, wellbeing and nutrition. 
  • BUT the big problem is that people are fearful of moving forwards up to the next level because of self-doubt and anxiety which hold them back from making a buying decision. 

Product Aware

  • Your job as a business owner and as a marketer is to increase the customers self-esteem and awareness around the product and solution that you offer.
  • In doing so they become product aware and understand that you can help them on their journey from A to B to successfully transform their health, fitness, mindset, wellbeing and nutrition. 

Most Aware

  • This is when the customer becomes most aware as they realise why you are different from every other fitness business which is when they become hyper responsive buyers of your product.
  • These are your IDEAL CLIENTS for your fitness business.

Our job is to raise the standards in the fitness industry and help you attract better types of clientele into your fitness business.

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