In this short training video Ben reveals The 12 Steps Of The Body Coach Marketing Method.


The 12 Steps Of The Body Coach Marketing Method.


  • Joe Wicks has a lot of passion for what he does, he has a lot of drive to influence and help as many people as possible. 
  • The reality is some people who have been in the industry 10/15 years have lost the passion for what they do and deep down they should leave the industry and reignite that passion elsewhere.


  • Joe Wicks has a strong mindset. He has been knocked down by numerous people in the fitness industry.
  • You may not approve of his nutritional teachings or technique when it comes to fitness but Joe doesn’t take notice. He focuses all his efforts in himself, his business and helping people.
  • He’s had to develop himself as a leader and he’s had to work on his mindset to ignore all of the people that hate him to just focus on himself.

Web Developer

  • It is crazy to think that in 2020 some fitness business owners do not have a website or their website is outdated.
  • Joe Wicks has a web developer called Simon Hix.
  • It’s really important that you not only have a website but that the website is responsive. 
  • A website needs to have two functions:
    • Capture people’s data
    • Sell them something

Business Coach

  • Joe didn’t do this all on his own. He has a business coach called Bev.
  • She has guided him from day one and helped him with every element of the business from its beginning to multi-millions. 
  • It’s super important that you consider getting some help. 
  • Far too many fitness professionals try to put on a superman cape and think that they can spin many different plates at once but you can’t and this is why Joe is so successful because he’s had that guidance.


  • Joe invested early on in a PR agency. 
  • This unlocked a key in mass exposure across the country and the rest of the world with television appearances, magazines, radio interviews etc.
  • PR is a great way to get your message out there and be seen.
  • BUT with any marketing obviously it costs money.
  • You can’t grow a successful fitness business and impact loads of people’s lives on a shoestring budget.

Paid Advertising 

  • YES – Joe pays money for advertising to get his products and services into the marketplace. From that he gets a return of investment (ROI), makes more money, reinvests it back in and continues the cycle to reach more people.
  • Today, too many fitness professionals sit on the sidelines, watching people that are having success in the industry, scratching their head wondering how they are successful and why they’re not as successful.

Surf The Right Wave

  • Joe did surf the right wave at precisely the right time. If you look at his Instagram, there is no way he would have got this much traction if he didn’t join when he did.
  • But if you look at the backstory he has put a lot of time, money and effort into free content to make sure that ‘wave’ kept on going and going. 
  • You need to make sure that you are consistently surfing that wave, all the time, to help as many people as possible.

Content is King

  • Joe works extremely hard (and continues to do so) to pump out content all the time to help his audience with nutrition, fitness and mindset.
  • BUT you need to be careful, you don’t want to go crazy and start randomly posting content.
  • You can’t just do one thing and expect to get results, you have to do multiple things to get the snowball effect and to get traction.

The Method

  • Joe Wicks didn’t come into the market and say ‘Hey, i’m a online personal trainer, sign up for 10 sessions’ or ‘Hey, online personal training, 12 week plan, sign up now’ – he had a method
  • His method is – Lean in 15.
  • Remember that the method is not the service.


  • Joe has a support team behind the scenes.
  • Far too many fitness professionals and fitness trainers don’t have a team and if they do they dont look after them, they don’t have a REAL relationship.
  • The first hire that anybody should get is on the personal assistant side, then someone to help and assist with sales but ONLY if the lead flows are coming in from the marketing, then you can just gradually build up your team from there.

Authority Triangle

  • The worst thing that you can call yourself in this industry is a ‘personal trainer’ or ‘gym’ – you need to be unique and different in the marketplace
  • The fitness industry is seeing many as the commodity, but Joe came in as ‘The Body Coach’ – it was new and different, and people tended to gravitate towards this.
  • You need something to make you stand out from everybody else.


  • You have to be consistent in everything that you do.
  • Look, running a business is hard, I’m sure you’ve got friction behind the scenes but you have to be consistent, with your messaging, your marketing, your innovation of what you do, with your products and services and helping people. 
  • Too many fitness business owners get trapped in the service delivery of what they do. 
  • One of the biggest things to take away from this video is that Joe Wicks isn’t in the trenches delivering services for his clients, he is the one running the business, he is working on the marketing and himself, because he has a team behind him.


These are the 12 steps that have helped Joe Wicks have the success and the millions that he deserves. This is his marketing method. 

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