In this short training video Ben shares the number one secret that no one is talking about to help you make more sales in your fitness business. 


Most Fitness Business owners have no problem attracting new enquiries but the frustrations that many face are converting those enquiries into paid customers.

The Problem

  • People have great desires to get fit, healthy and strong but internally FEAR holds them back from a buying decision.
  • People dont want to step into an environment like a gym, bootcamp or fitness business and feel silly or stupid.
  • It is YOUR JOB to boost their confidence, gain their trust and turn them into an Ideal Client.

Scenario: What You Should Never Do When Marketing Your Fitness Business?

  • You have a prospective client and you’ve spent a lot of money to acquire those leads and they opt-in. 
  • So you gain the clients name, email phone number but after this you have no communication with them.  
  • This leads to your prospective clients desires dropping off because your marketing efforts have simply slumped.

What is the #1 Secret On How To Market Your Fitness Business?

  • We want your marketing efforts to continuously flow from your advertising spending to when your client makes a payment.

Procedure to Follow When Selling To Clients

  • Acquire OPT-IN with name, email and phone number.
  • Show prospective client SOCIAL PROOF – testimonial videos, Google reviews and social media pages. 
  • Then book a PHONE CALL with your prospective client.
  • Offer to send something in the post that’s low-cost but highly valuable.
  • When the client comes to the consultation they are already pre-sold because you have continued your marketing efforts over time.

Different Ways to Communicate With Your Clients After They Opt-In.

  • Email follow-up.
  • Send them a link to join a free Facebook group. 
  • Give them access to free PDF’s to download. 
  • Send direct mail to them in the post e.g. newsletter, merchandise etc.

This is just one of the tactics that we use behind the scenes at Fitness Marketing Agency and why our clients get great conversions and results.