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Krav Maga : Background

Krav Maga started as a small academy 5 years ago, hiring school halls etc. It has turned into the first of its kind training centre in the UK. Krav Maga is more than just Piotr Fajecki’s passion, it has completely taken over his life, and together with his wife they have built it into a business.

The challenge

Piotr had a difficult time with the marketing of his business. He needed a more structured and consistent marketing plan that was tailored to his business needs.

Piotr also needed to take advantage of social platforms and refine his communications with his target audience.

How we helped

“It started with a number of leads, which were flooding through my business. We have managed to convert a lot of them, which has increased the revenue by 45% when compared to last year. Alongside this comes quality: quality of passing on the message, the marketing offer, the customer service, communication and social media experience. It is priceless information that Ben and the FMA guys give you on a monthly basis” – Piotr Fajecki

I do understand that investing in something new can be quite difficult for businesses, especially as there are so many experts out there. But these guys are the real deal, they will definitely get you the investment back and more.

Piotr Fajecki, Krav Maga

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