I pay two people to mentor me in business right now.

I watch training videos on marketing.

I attend LIVE masterminds.

I’m always listening / learning / implementing.


Because of three factors:

(1) I don’t know everything.

(2) I want to build a world-class business.

(3) I don’t want to stagnate or become complacent.

So I find very strange that a small sector of the fitness industry walk around with a superman cape of pretending they don’t need any help.

This is normally due to an inflated ego.

They think they’ve got everything under control.

They think they are untouchable.

They think their competitors will not catch up with them.

And guess what happens…?


Overnight leads and sales drop.

Website hits go down.

Engagement on social media is non-existent.

They are seen as a commodity in the marketplace.

They start to blame the market or worse blame it on Donald Trump or Brexit.

Like politics has anything to do with the fact your business / sales / client numbers have dropped! (Laugh out loud.)

But given all of that THEY still walk around with a superman cape of pretending.

Look, just because you’re a Personal Trainer and you can back squat your body weight or run 5k in sub 20 minutes doesn’t mean you know everything about business.

It’s ok to ask for help.

It’s ok to hand the reins over to experts to guide you.

Most, if not all, professional sports people have coaches.

Most, if not all, of the top business people have coaches.

Let’s look closer to home.

The company Gym Shark – the creator Ben Francis, guess what….

He has help.

And publicly speaks about it.

So don’t think you have to ‘do this’ all on your own.

Get help, get traction, grow, and build a remarkable business.

Don’t play it small and get comfortable – that’s the worst thing you could ever do.

I urge you to think much bigger and to change more people’s lives for the better.

Speak soon,


P.S. We are past the half way point of July.

If your sales are slow or if you don’t have a scalable business model – we should talk.

You ‘could’ possibly make a greater impact than you are right now, but the one thing holding you back is most probably marketing your message to the correct audience who will buy at the price point you want.

Let’s fix that and fix that fast.

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