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Bodycon Fitness : Background

Leslie started off competing in athletics at a very high level and then moved on to do a qualification in sports studies. Leslie then qualified and started training as a personal trainer as well as working a full-time job so he could save up enough capital to invest in his dream of opening his first gym.

The challenge

When Leslie started he was personal training maybe 16 clients and then when he made the transition over to his own gym only five clients ended up joining him.

Leslie knew that there would be challenges ahead due to coming out of lockdown because people were losing jobs and that would have a direct impact on his membership base so he knew that he had to up his game.

How we helped

Leslie saw a huge benefit from the membership portal provided by FMA because it guided him from start to finish and showed him how to set up his lead campaign as well as how to set up his AdWords.

“As soon as the campaign went live my phone literally just kept pinging with emails of leads coming through. I think that the leads were coming in really cheap around 41p per lead.” – Leslie

By far FMA has been the only one where and I feel i’m getting the most value for my money because the the methods used are innovative especially because i’m such i’m in such a saturated time with so many gyms my marketing efforts needs needs to be unique and I feel and I got that from from FMA which is evident because now i’m at maximum capacity.

Leslie, Bodycon Fitness

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