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Ladies Boot Camp: Background

Whilst studying Sports Science, Liam Walsh was also working part-time in a health club.
When a new commercial gym opened locally Liam began to work for them as a Fitness Manager; becoming bored with the same routine in his role Liam then applied to start working as a Personal Trainer on the gym floor.
Finding more versatility and enjoying working on the gym floor Liam was happy, but felt that having reached a ceiling with his earnings it wasn’t enough, and he wanted more.

The challenge

Liam’s Facebook adverts were underperforming and he wasn’t getting the amount of leads needed to increase his client base or revenue.

How we helped

We created intelligent Facebook marketing campaigns that helped Liam gain the reach and performance needed from the platform.


Within the first two months of onboarding with Fitness Marketing Agency, Liam’s business grew by 20%!

The advert was actually turned off after 5 days due to the high number of leads that came in.

Since coming on board I’ve found them (Fitness Marketing Agency) amazing. They’ve far exceeded my expectations.

Liam Walsh, Ladies Boot Camp

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