In this short training video Ben breaks down the differences between slow, medium and fast lane marketing to grow your fitness business in this new economy.


Slow Lane Marketing


  • Referrals are a great way to build your business because they’re already pre-sold on what you do because they’ve got friends or work colleagues that have first hand experience, and they’ve naturally just told their friends that you’re the solution to help them so they turn up and they’re ready to go.
  • But the problem with referrals is it’s not predictable.
  • You can only ask your client so many times for referrals before they get frustrated and stop referring to you.
  • A lot of fitness professionals/fitness business owners have built their business initially on referrals, and that’s fantastic.

Organic Marketing

  • An example of organic marketing is putting a number of posts on Facebook. Instagram and asking people to private message you if they want help.
  • But this will fatigue your friends, family and people.
  • If you’re consistently just posting content all the time and then at the end of that content, there’s a call to action to say “Hey, DM me if you want to find out more” or “post below the words ‘strong’ if you want to take part in the challenge”.
  • When you first do organic marketing, you get great traction, but it massively slows down.
  • It’s not as effective as it used to be.


  • Getting editorials in local or national magazines and papers.
  • This is Slow Lane marketing because of the time it takes and the money invested in the turnaround to get ROI from this is super slow.
  • There’s lots of PR agencies or contractors  out there that will promise  that they’ll try and get you into certain publications.
  • But again, you’ve got to hope that your ideal client flicks to page 50 of 100 and sees the article, sees the interview, then takes the call to action at the end to either click the link, go to your website or call you to buy your services.
  • PR is great for raising your profile and your brand, but for getting ROI clients in the door it’s extremely tough.


  • Another way that a lot of fitness business owners try to grow their business is through flyers through the door. 
  • This is just like a hard slog.
  • Either the actual business owners going out posting flyers through the door and is that the best use of their time? Probably not, or they hire a company to do that for them.
  • But again, it’s like just spamming people’s like doors with your material.
  • And you have to hope that that client picks up that flyer, sees it and then responds.
  • And again, the response is minimal.

Medium Lane Marketing

Google PPC

  • Google PPC is great because you are getting people that specifically search the term personal trainer or gym in your town or city.
  • But again, it’s not a consistent flow into your business because the amount of people doing that is minimal.
  • The leads that do are often good to go because they purposely sat down in front of their laptop or computer and they search for that term hence why they are ready to go.
  • But when you speak to them,  they often want to find out more rather than actively chasing you to join.
  • But again, it’s not a fast lane mechanism to get people in the door.


  • There’s lots of business networking groups out there and typically the investment to join them is looking at £500 to £1000 for a yearly subscription, you have to go along even weekly or biweekly or monthly.
  • You have to talk to other business owners to persuade them to buy your services or product.
  • And It’s a great way to raise your profile in the local area but it’s a medium lane tactic, and it’s a lot of effort and time and energy goes into doing that and leveraging the people in the room to get new client sales. 

Fast Lane Marketing

Facebook and Instagram advertisements. 

  • This is a great way to get ROI  because if you switch on a campaign within 4 to 5 hours, you have enquiries.
  • Within 24 hours to 48 hours, you have booked consultations.
  • And within 72 hours + you should have new client sales.

The Problem

  • But the problem that I see across the industry is that far too many fitness business owners are just relying on this source of traffic to grow their fitness business and what it takes is for your ad account to get shut down, for your ads to be disapproved, and suddenly the lead flow dries up.
  • New client sales are non-existent and your competitors get market traction now there are 100+ ways to grow your business on lots of different marketing channels and advertisements that you could be doing. 


BUT at Fitness Marketing Agency we implement a plan to make sure that we’re hitting slow, medium and fast And we’re NOT just relying on one source of traffic.

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