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Barefoot Group Fitness: Background

After being inspired by a fitness instructor he met at a retreat in India, Oli Bell knew that his future lay in personal training. Five years on he was in possession of a personal training qualification and running his own business, Barefoot Crew Fitness.

The challenge

3 years into running his own fitness business and struggling to grow his client base, Oli wasn’t achieving the standards he aspired to. Feeling as if he was banging his head against a wall, he was searching for an easier way to scale his business.

Oli needed to structure his time and business to allow him the time to follow up his existing leads and generate more. In order to automate his systems and make his own life easier, he required expert help from a reputable marketing agency. After delaying for 12 months Oli made the decision to sign up with FMA and was blown away by the results.

How we helped

Within 2-3 weeks of working with FMA Oli had gained around 200 new leads. Despite the pandemic, in the past year his business has doubled in revenue, his personal income has also doubled and his working time has halved.

“I can reassure you that everything will be amazing if you choose to work with FMA. They are so passionate about helping fitness businesses and what they do is truly unique.” – Oli Bell

“I’m not the only one who’s seen results! There are so many FMA clients with stories like mine.”

Oli Bell, Barefoot Group Fitness

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