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Ozone Health and Fitness: Background

Mike has been in the industry for over 10 years. He got into the industry because he wanted to help people and was big into fitness himself.

Ozone Health & Fitness is a gym with personal training capacity. They have roughly around 130 personal training clients and about 400 in the gym itself.

The challenge

Mike came across FMA because he had previously worked with Ben in the industry before.

“There are a lot of people claiming to be “marketing gurus” in the fitness industry. They are offering it all: hundreds of clients with a minimal spend. We wanted something different, something real. We wanted real marketing that enabled us to stand out from the competition.” – Mike Hogan.

Before FMA we did our best, but we were not marketing people – I am a personal trainer.

How we helped

FMA have shown Mike and his team the direction needed to take to build their brand.

“We are a friendly gym, with great clients and no egos. FMA helped us market that brand, enabling us to grow to the point we are at now and to look ahead at how we can build on this over the next 5-10 years.” – Mike Hogan

Mike enjoys and appreciates the community involved with FMA, where everyone is a business owner or manager who inspire others to do more with their businesses.

For anyone who is sceptical, or nervous, know we have all been there before. We have all been burnt. There is a fear that you’ll invest and won’t get anything out of it, but with FMA this fear is unfounded. From our experience, a €400-500 spend has always resulted in a €5,000-6,000 return. Those kind of figures you simply cannot argue with. The return on investment is a no-brainer.

Mike Hogan, Ozone Health and Fitness

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