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B Fit Personal Training: Background

Kev was initially working split shifts in a gym when starting out in the fitness industry and continued the pattern of working in the morning, sleeping in the afternoon and going back to work in the evening for 8-10 years.

Kev Foley decided to build on a business that didn’t need him at the forefront of daily operations as much. This led to Kev building a business with a team that only needed managing so that he wasn’t working on the gym floor and training clients.

The challenge

After relocating, B fit lost a few clients and were spending lots of money on marketing campaigns that just weren’t converting into leads or clients.

Moving into new premises in 2014 with 40 clients, Kev took charge of the marketing of the business himself spending £1,100 a month on advertising. Having had a lot of experience in using lots of different marketing companies Kev was tired of giving money to people not knowing if he would get a return.

How we helped

We created intelligent online marketing campaigns that focused on bringing in high-intent leads for B Fit Personal Training.

By using our marketing tactics, Kev was able to spend less time on the advertising element of his business and had more time to lead and manage the team.


Since Fitness Marketing began working with B Fit Personal Training, Kev’s advertising budget is now at £350 a month and brings in ten times the amount of leads!

By using the right strategies and tactics taught to him by Fitness Marketing Agency, Kev now spends £1.50-£2 a lead in comparison to the £15-20 he was spending before, and is receiving 120-130 leads every time a campaign goes live.

If you’re sceptical about using FMA just look at the testimonials – every one of them comes from guys who wouldn’t be where they are now without the support of a company like FMA.

For your business to grow you need a strong company behind you, and that’s exactly what I have now.

Kev Foley, B Fit Personal Training

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