Let’s look at different industries and professionals for a second…

– Chiropractors
– Osteopaths
– Physiotherapists
– Doctors (Private)
– Dentists

What do they do differently that Personal Trainers and gym owners don’t?

– Charge more
– Invest more their education
– Have staff to do £10-an-hour admin jobs, like answer the phone / deal with paperwork
– Take bigger risks, and more quickly (more chiropractors, osteopaths, physios and dentists open up their own practices than Personal Trainers open up gyms!)
– Know what they stand for, where they are going, and what they want

The fitness industry is in a bad place right now.

It’s over populated with under-qualified Personal Trainers who simply entered the industry because they thought it was a way to:

(1) Hook up easily with the opposite (or same) sex

(2) Work out 2-3 hours a day

(3) Get rich quick

Now as you are on my list…

I know you are not like the above.

You are here for the long run.

You are a true professional.

But your job as a professional – just like a doctor, chiropractor, osteo or physio – is to up your game.

And I’m not talking about getting more qualifications; you probably have enough already.

I’m talking about upping your marketing game so you cut through the BS and in your prospective client’s mind you are the ONLY solution and the go to expert.

If your income and client numbers have dropped in August…


If your income and client numbers are good but you know you have to consistently innovate to say ahead of your competitors, and you seek out the BEST advisors to do so…

Let’s speak this week.

Click the link, book a time, and let’s connect.

We will find out more about your fitness business, where you are heading and then we will tell you more about the programme and how we can potentially help you.

Speak soon,


P.S. Procrastination.

This is the BIGGEST thing that holds people back in life.

And 99% of the time, procrastination is brought on by FEAR.

FEAR of making the wrong decision.

If you went to Uni you most probably spent 10-30k on your further education.

You’ve most probably spent 2-3k on your basic fitness qualifications.

You might have then gone onto do further qualifications in more advanced fitness and nutrition courses and spent upwards of 5k.

But what about your marketing education?

No point being the most qualified if you are broke or have an empty schedule, when you have the power to change more lives than the professionals listed above, right?

Click the link, and I’ll see you on the other side.