FMA Member Charlotte Hunt this past weekend was on National TV in the UK.

This is a BIG deal as unlike the US, the UK doesn’t have hundreds of mainstream TV channels.

Charlotte has been a client of the Fitness Marketing Agency since 23rd April 2018.

When she started working with us she was a personal trainer in a corporate club and was frustrated.

She was frustrated with things like:

– Not being able to use certain kit in the gym when Personal Training, as the gym was busy with low paying members.

– The management of the gym wouldn’t allow her to wear her own uniform.

– They wouldn’t let her control her own pricing.

– They wouldn’t let her build her business in their business.

We had a conversation on the phone.

I told her that she had to break free form the gym and create her own studio, and deep down Charlotte knew it was time to leave too but naturally was fearful.

She had two options.

Option #1: Play it small, stay in the gym, stay in her comfort zone and continue to personal train clients.

Remember her income was capped, as the gym wouldn’t let her put her prices up. She was already working split shifts and weekends at this point as well.

Option #2: Put fear aside, step out of the comfort zone, follow her gut, realise her potential and move forwards to putting the process in place to open, plus secure the financials to open her own personal training studio.

Guess what…

She picked option #2.

All she needed was a business loan.

She secured this from Startup Loans after submitting a business plan.

The whole process from start to finish in securing the £15,000 took about 6 weeks.

Click here to find out more about Startup Loans. (If you want a sample business plan for a gym, reply to this email and I will send to you.)

Fast forward to now…

She has a thriving fitness business.

She is a ‘real’ business owner.

She’s been on National TV.

And she knows with clarity where she is going and what she wants next with her business and life.

Last year I went along to her studio, click here to watch the story.

Speak soon,


P.S. I don’t know your exact situation..

But let me tell you this.

(1) It’s ok to ask for help and get coaching / advice.

(2) Ego holds most people back.

If you want the business plan, reply to this email.

If you want to talk about opening your own personal training studio or gym.


Maybe your second, third location.

Click this link, watch the video and fill in the quick survey and speak soon.