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Elite Together : Background

Paul Alexander always enjoyed training and keeping fit as well as having a passion for speaking to and training people.

Paul spent 14 years of his life stuck in the pharmaceutical industry before deciding to take a leap of faith into the fitness industry back in 2008 when he opened his own gym that was named Elite : Together.

The challenge

The start of lockdown posed a large threat to Paul’s business and current operations and he needed to ensure that he would overcome this challenge by approaching it in the correct manner which did not seem to be a very straight forward answer at the time. Luckily the start of Lockdown is also what attracted him to FMA.

How we helped

We helped Paul by implementing a cost effective strategy that that was tailored to his needs as well as the situation at hand being the Covid-19 lockdown.

โ€œBen suggested the price it would get a lead for and to be honest I was a bit apprehensive, I didn’t think that was achievable. I’m not gonna lie but when the campaign started it was like I’ve never seen anything like this!โ€ – Paul Alexander

We’re really confident that we’re going to come out with this again for the second time because we work with FMA and we have not one, not two but around three strategies ready to go and which is the best thing I can really say.

Paul Alexander, Elite : Together

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