I was contacted by a fitness business owner recently who wanted to join the programme and from the tone of his voice and from what he said, he was looking for the ‘magic bullet’ to marketing which would flood him with ideal leads and new clients with ease.

But as you know…there is no magic bullet to weight loss and there is also NO magic bullet to marketing!

NO one marketing funnel
NO one Facebook ad
NO one content post
NO one piece of copy that will produce you those results

The magic bullet (short cut) doesn’t exist…

Here is what any fitness business owner should do in a 30-day period if they want to have a record sales month and generate mass leads in May.

(0) Set a goal for the amount of leads and sales they want to achieve for the month. Seems simple but so many don’t do this for their business. Lots of people in the industry set goals for their personal fitness and track everything, but when it comes to the business side of things they let that slip. Also setting a marketing budget for the month is often missed, too.

So for this example I will set the marketing budget at £500 with the goal of being able to attract 100 leads and sell 10 people into a group training programme at £199.

So if all goes to plan that will bring in just under £2,000 in new client revenue from a £500 marketing budget, which is pretty cool and is the way to scale your fitness business.

(1) Make sure prices are the highest in the area. No point being the cheapest or in the middle. The higher the price point you charge the better type of clientele you’ll attract. Plus you’ll have more money to re-invest back into marketing, buy new kit, go on further educational courses and pay yourself an above average wage.

We cover sales, raising your training fees and much more in our programme under the sales section (as you can see above.)

(2) Role play sales skills by studying sales scripts we provide that convert; way too many fitness business owners just try and blag this part, which isn’t advised. Don’t just give people a price list and let them decide; take them through a process to find out what they need and then provide a solution to their exact problem.

(3) Ok…onto the marketing side of things.

Marketing is easy; whoever gets the most attention wins. Simple!

Go live with a Facebook video or a pre-recorded video every day for 30 days by focusing on helping people – talking about sleep, water intake, nutrition, weight training, cardio and more.
Click here to view a video from FMA Client Ben Winter.

Ben Winter’s fitness business is dominating, simply because he’s putting himself out there and helping people for free.

His competitors aren’t doing this. (Normally this is because they are unsure and worried more about what other people in the industry will think of them, rather than the people they really need to help in their town or city.)

So when people are ready to take action on their health and fitness, they come to him vs. anyone else in the local area – simply because he HELPED people for free first!

(4) Post in a FREE FB ad group (which we drive leads to) every day for 30 days to further build relationship. This is going above and beyond what your competitors will be doing; you’re simply warming people up to get to know you better by providing education.

The attached screenshot is of FMA member Joe O’Shaughnessy’s FREE Facebook group for local women only. There are 2,000+ females in his group seeing his posts and content daily. He’s educating them for free, so again when they are ready to buy they will come to him vs. anyone else as he helped them for FREE.

(5) Start to grow your email and Facebook bot list by giving away free PDF guides to prospective clients.Click here for an example from FMA member Ben Brand.

The name of the free report is: “Finally… Eliminate Cravings So You’re Never Hungry Again!”

Guess what?

This gets mass downloads, as it’s providing a solution to a problem that EVERYONE has at some point – cravings.

Again, this 15-page report is FREE in exchange for an email address or bot subscription.

And not many other personal trainers, gyms, bootcamps or fitness business owners go to this length to educate their audience before they buy. The report has slick brand / design, is easy to read and implement.

(6) Run a direct response Facebook ad to people in the local area with an irresistible offer that drives to a nicely designed and hyper-responsive marketing funnel, which has automated text and email follow up.

The ad MUST be a video and DON’T film it in your gym.

Your goal is to get attention in the newsfeed. The above from an FMA member is a great example. His gym is a 5-10 minute drive from a major football / soccer stadium in his city. Everyone knows the stadium / supports the team. He’s even wearing the club shirt in the video.

This is all to get attention.

If he were to film the same video in his gym, people wouldn’t click, as it doesn’t have the same effect.

The above Facebook ad will generate the ‘leads’, which are names, emails and phone numbers.

This will get enquiries.
This will get people speaking about your business, in a positive way.
This will get you hyper responsive buyers that are ideal clients.

Want proof?

Just click here and see ten videos from fitness business owners just like you

The copy is compelling and speaks directly to the audience, builds pain and presents a solution. (Obviously I’ve blurred it out so it can’t be copied!)

The video gets attention.

The funnel (which isn’t shown) speaks of the benefits of exercise NOT featured.

The automated follow up (which isn’t shown) gets people to respond.

Urgency and scarcity are the TWO biggest drivers in all marketing campaigns.

Why should a prospective client buy now, vs. next week?

Include urgency and scarcity in everything that you do with your marketing and you’ll never get ‘time wasters’; you’ll get ideal clients that are ready to take action and pay the prices you demand.

With this volume any fitness business will hit 100 leads and 10 new sales.

And then from there it’s a scaling / numbers game…

Want more sales?


Increase your marketing budget and you’ll hit 200 leads and 20 sales.

It’s just a numbers game.

It’s a simple process.

Get awareness -> capture data -> build relationship -> ask for the sale – > help more people -> make the money you need / want!

Rinse and repeat.

Want help with your marketing in May?

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Duh! Of Course I Want More Leads / Sales In May For My Fitness Business…

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P.S. We’ve not even touched on offline marketing with the above strategy. It’s all Facebook….

So just imagine when you have offline and online marketing working in synergy marketing your business in an automated fashion, generating leads 365 days a year and new sales weekly.

That’s when things get exciting!

You earn more money and HELP more people.

I’ve had enough of messing around and I’m ready to get started with FMA NOW to scale and build a remarkable business fitness business that everyone knows!