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GWD: Background

After 12 years in the business as a personal trainer, Gavin started his own business 6 years ago. Originally training clients out of a privately owned gym, he recently moved to his own 4.5 thousand square foot premises and grew his team of small group personal trainers.

The challenge

When he started working with FMA 3 years ago, Gavin simply needed help growing his client base prior to setting up his own premises. More recently, FMA helped Gavin in the runup to launching his own gym, securing him trialist clients and converting them into full members.

How we helped

FMA helped Gavin pre-sell memberships so that he already had some revenue when the doors to his new gym opened, and instilled him with the knowledge he needed to expand his business even further in the future.

“FMA deliver and get results, it’s simple.” – Gavin Denning

“If you’re setting up your own premises, pre-selling memberships is a must and FMA can help you with that”

Gavin Denning, GWD

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