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Bonnie Mark Personal Training : Background

Bonnie Mark has been in the industry for 14 years but started off as a part-time PE teacher at his local secondary school but had to choose between being a full-time PE teacher or building his business up so he decided to do the personal training full time and he’s never looked back.

He developed his skills by freelancing in DW and some of the big chain gyms until he was ready to start his first studio back in 2013.

The challenge

Bonnie’s business struggled with consistency as well as the closing of sales which was due to not having a strategic plan in place that was tailored to his business needs. A tailored strategic marketing plan ensures consistency, efficiency and effectiveness.

How we helped

By implementing specialized techniques, systems and processes we helped Bonnie make his business more consistent across the board which increased his monthly frequency of leads that were being generated greatly.

Bonnie is now enjoying the highest level of income he has ever had and it is still on the rise.

“The leads are going to flood in and we’re at the highest level of income we’ve ever had. The turnovers increased and it’s only growing month after month because the trials fill up and the membership base grows. We’ve now got members paying us more money and a higher membership than we ever have done in the past.”

Bonnie Mark, Bonnie Mark Personal Training
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