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The Better Body Studio : Background

Ashley Green, owner of The Better Body Studio started his journey as a competition winning professional dancer who supplemented his career by training professional dancers by taking them to the gym and working on their strength. He then moved on to become a personal trainer who conducted Zumba classes that gained a large following which led him to meet his future wife and business partner Steph Green.

The challenge

In 2014 Ashley was diagnosed with cancer leaving Steph to run the Zumba classes 5 months into her pregnancy. 

These challenges changed the couples thought process leading them to decide that they wanted to build a sustainable business that would ensure them a financially secure life in any circumstance.

The couple struggled to find new clients and realised that they needed to up their marketing activities but they were not certain on where to begin until they stumbled across FMA.

“ We knew people were killing it through Facebook, we simply didn’t know how. Then we found Fitness Marketing Agency and it completely revolutionised it.” – Ashley Green

How we helped

Before FMA The Better Body Studio had around 20 clients and were struggling to market their gym effectively due to being occupied by the daily work they had to put in at the gym.

After we conducted our marketing activities we saw a an increase in their client base by 40 new clients which is three times what they had initially.

Fitness Marketing Agency has all the knowledge. They know the industry and what you need. They give you all that information and knowledge to properly market yourself and move your business forward. When we started with FMA we had around 20- 21 clients. We now have over 60+ clients and we never have that feeling like we are about to go under.

Ashley & Steph Green, The Better Body Studio

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