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Boot camp SE16: Background

Starting as a group fitness instructor in 2006, Stephanie Jannati transitioned from working in gyms to running outdoor bootcamps in Canada Water, London, with six clients. After seeing a Fitness Marketing Agency ad, Stephanie realised that her business was not where it needed to be.

The challenge

With no systems in place to generate new clients Stephanie spoke with Fitness Marketing Agency and set a goal of £10,000.

How we helped

Within two months of working with FMA she exceeded her target. Stephanie now feels confident that as well as being a trainer she can also sell; her mindset has switched and she now has the confidence to charge people upfront for her services. The more confidence FMA gave Stephanie, the better salesperson she became.

FMA will open up many different doors and teach you that there’s not just one form of marketing… For anybody sitting on the fence: don’t hesitate, pick up the phone today, it will be the best thing you ever do!

Stephanie Jannati, Boot Camp SE16

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