Many fitness professionals have spent thousands over the years on…

University degrees
Entry level fitness qualifications
Further educational courses
Lease / rent

But if you speak to a select few fitness professionals they will say things like the below, as if they are trying to prove something to someone.

“I don’t market my gym as I get referrals!”

“Marketing is a waste of time and doesn’t work!”

These types of fitness professionals who say the above just don’t get it.

They are being selfish in all honestly.

Here is why…

In their town, city or county hundreds of people are walking around in desperate need of help, but if a gym owner or Personal Trainer are saying the above statements they are selfish and truly don’t want to help more people.

All because they are fearful of learning a new skill – MARKETING.

Look, the best gym / Personal Trainers mainly get that way because of marketing.

I’m sure a client has NEVER called them up or opted-in to their funnel because of their qualifications.

Sure qualifications are important, and you need to be able to coach, but what’s the point if you’re your town’s best-kept secret?

Marketing is all about getting attention to your business.

And whoever gets the most attention wins.

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