My response is…

“How much does that bring you in leads and new client revenue?”

Their response…

“Umm…err…ahh… ZERO!”

Look, your business isn’t Nike, Reebok, Adidas or any other big brand you want.

Your ideal clients don’t care how nice your logo is…

Once you focus your marketing message so it’s all about THEM and less about YOU, you’ll start to see an increase in enquiries and new client sales daily.

And straight up, a branding agency can’t do this.

They can’t get you hard cash return of investment.

I can guarantee that any branding agency will wow you with a slick sales presentation.

They’ll showcase how they’ve helped other businesses with branding.

But none of it really maters.

What does matter is how much cash in the bank they can get you, as quickly as possible.

That’s what we do at FMA every single week.Want proof?

Click here to see this Google Drive link, which hosts a number of screenshots from clients.