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PODFIT: Background

Neil Owens, the owner of PODFIT knew PE teaching was not a life-long ambition of, so he qualified as a personal trainer while still teaching in 2012. In April 2014 Neil made the decision to take the leap and left teaching to open Podfit, a personal training studio in York.

“I have always been passionate about health and fitness and I saw this as a better way for me to be fulfilled at work.” – Neil Owens

The challenge

When PODFIT first opened it was just Neil doing everything. From the training to trying to get new business which was everything it took to do effective personal training and run an effective business.

Before joining FMA, Neil really did not have any kind of dedicated social media marketing.

“Social media was always something I was frustrated with, I had used another agency previously and it didn’t work for me. So I relied heavily on our website and leads coming in as a result of that, which frustrated me. Especially as over a period of time our website leads started to dip and clearly we needed to do more!

With FMA I was pretty sceptical at first if I am honest. I was very interested to see what a dedicated fitness marketing agency could deliver above and beyond what others had offered in the past. What I found out was that FMA are absolutely the ‘real deal’ and I have never looked back.” – Neil Owens

How we helped

Before FMA, PODFIT was generating all it’s leads through the website and nothing via social media or Facebook. The previous advertising campaigns were not working and getting new leads was a huge challenge.

When our campaigns began, PODFIT was generating 100 to 200 leads and which Neil could add to his lists – email lists, chatbot and we introduced him to products he had never considered before, which were enabling Neil to reach people he never thought he would be able to.

“So all of a sudden I was generating leads from all over the place. Now I get the majority of new leads from Facebook, LinkedIN and all other social media sources, it means while I still use my website, I don’t rely on it for new leads like I used to.

They give us ideas and a schedule of the content we should be producing and provide us with monthly strategy calls. They also provide us with new and exciting advertising campaigns and they work EVERY SINGLE TIME. The difference is, now we know what is going on through our social media platforms thanks to FMA. They have shown us when and how to deliver our marketing messages effectively.

The results of this speak for themselves, as we have gone from producing 15-20 leads a month max, to 100 to 200 leads. The difference since taking FMA on board has been astounding. We make sales all the time now, since Ben and his team turned up this morning we have made two sales – one for a 6-week campaign and another for a 6 month one. These have come solely as a result from FMA strategies and campaigns.

What it means for the business is that we have gone from having 50 clients to 75+ clients. Last month we generated over £20,000 in new business profit thanks to FMAs campaigns – which is amazing. ” – Neil Owens

If you’re on the fence, absolutely join, you should not be on the fence with this agency they are the real deal. It is not just that you will get really targeted campaigns with the advertising, you will get an absolutely comprehensive marketing strategy for your business. Using them your business will be positioned as the number one fitness business in your area. I cannot speak more highly about FMA.
I want to thank FMA, they have made a massive difference to my business and I look forward to working with them for a long time.
Neil Owens, PODFIT

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