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SC Vital Fitness: Background

Sean started off as a physical trainer in the military, before becoming an exercise rehab instructor and then first venturing into the civilian fitness industry when he set up his own gym 8 years ago.

The challenge

For the first 2 years of running his business, Sean knew that he had the expertise to help people, but was lacking enough business knowledge to get the clients in front of him. Having taught himself a fair bit, and used marketing agencies with limited results, Sean needed some expert guidance to take his business to the next level.

How we helped

FMA helped Sean improve his lead flow and gave him the ability to convert these leads into sales. Having been with the company at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sean also benefited from guidance in how to navigate a difficult period for the fitness industry.

“The Mastermind gave me lots of lightbulb moments about how I can make my business better and ideas I can implement” – Sean Cole

“It’s simple, effective and the marketing advice has been brilliant”

Sean Cole, SC Vital Fitness

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