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Transformation Fitness : Background

Fitness has always been a passion and escape for Josh Rylatt who used to suffer with anger issues in his younger days. He used training to overcome the insecurities he had, over time he noticed positive results in the way he felt about himself. When he realised the impact training had on his own life he knew he could use it to help others.

He started volunteering at his local gym and then got into an apprenticeship with them which eventually led to him being employed as a trainer. Josh constantly developed his skills and knowledge through mentor-ships and coaching classes. All his training proved to be impactful when he saw the results in his clients.

The challenge

Josh got to a point where he knew more about anatomy and nutrition which was not going to get him any new clients. So he switched his focus to the business and marketing side.

Over time Josh and his team had got better at marketing and were having some success with certain campaigns. However, when it came to building landing pages and Facebook pages, they didn’t really know where to start. 

“It was hit and miss, one month we might get a campaign out there – but I would need to do the landing page, write the copy and I had no direction with what I really wanted to do.” – Josh Rylatt

How we helped

We have helped Josh grow not just the leads and sales, but also by generating more enquiries and conversations with potential customers through interest pieces.We make sure that the local content is being monitored closely, complimenting other activities outside Facebook. We pride ourselves in creating a consistent, strategic, marketing platform for our clients.

“Since working with FMA, not only are we getting more leads and clients from our paid advertising we are also getting more from organic feeds too. They have enabled us to create a foothold locally now, where only this morning a prospective client sat in front of me and I asked them where they had heard of me and they said ‘you’re everywhere!’.” – Josh Rylatt

Over the last six months we have been a lot more strategic and systematic with our marketing, specifically on Facebook. This elevated our client numbers from 65 to 84. The reason I trust FMA with our marketing efforts is because you have got experts there who direct you and give you focus. They are full of ideas on stuff you can implement. So you don’t need to take up valuable head space wondering what your next video should be, or what your next Facebook ad should say. There is a team of experts that are always there, to answer any questions you have or address any queries. Or simply, help you implement some of the marketing tools we know work. Knowledge is only power if you know how to implement that knowledge, that is what FMA is all about.

Josh Rylatt, Transformation Fitness

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