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KDF Strength : Background

It all started when the gym Karl Doyle was working in closed down, he saw an opportunity in the tragedy he had before him and decided to open his very own gym KDF strength.

“members asked where I was going and what I was doing. I felt I had an opportunity, one I couldn’t pass over.” – Karl Doyle

The challenge

Karl’s first 6 months was spent building the gym and filling it with the necessary equipment for a proper gym. When he started he focused on his existing clients and was not looking forward.

He initially found it very hard with no staff working himself from 6am to 9pm from Monday to Friday and all day Saturday through Sunday. His new life had a massive impact on his life at home as well as his relationships. He was teaching 43 classes a week and running every other aspect of the gym such ordering of supplements and doing the figures.

Karl knew that he needed to get to the next level in order for him to be more comfortable. In his attempt to reach that level he spent around 80 Euros for 6 weeks and put out a few Facebook ads which did not turn out to be as successful as he’d hoped.

“I knew if I wanted to progress, if I wanted the business to grow and get to that next level. I knew I needed to reach out and get help. I spoke to people I knew in the industry. People I knew well and trusted and people who were doing really well themselves. Two or three suggested the Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA).” – Karl Doyle

How we helped

Before joining FMA KDF Strength had 16 or 17 active members every month. Since joining FMA they have gone steadily up every month to where we now have 110-120 active members.

I want to be sitting in the gym working with my clients every month, not spending time sitting behind a computer. So if you really want to improve, take that next step, bringing new clients in. Or you get to the point, like me, where you have no more time to put in. You need the help of someone who really knows how to market a business, how to bring new clients in. I would recommend FMA, they will help you take the next step and push forward your business.” – Karl Doyle.

Before joining FMA we had 16 or 17 active members every month. Since joining FMA we have gone steadily up every month to where we now have 110-120 active members. To not have to worry about marketing, to be given everything we will need, is a huge help. To know you have clients always coming in is great. FMA have probably taken a weeks worth of work off my back every month.
Karl Doyle, KDF Strength

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