Name: Renel Scarlet
Business: The Works Health Club, Birmingham

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What Renel had to say:

“Before we joined FMA, we had around 300 members. Over the time working with FMA, that’s doubled and continues to grow. Work smarter not harder, that’s what FMA encourages us to do… Don’t wait, it’s that simple!”

Renel had been looking for a marketing company that could do more than just bring in leads so he approached Fitness Marketing Agency to receive support and advice.

Renel was looking for a partnership for longevity and wanted a company that he could rely on to continually bring success to his business.

It was important to Renel that he would see a return on investment, he wasn’t looking for a quick fix but rather a long-term solution.

Renel knew other Fitness Businesses that already work with FMA and after speaking with the team, he knew Fitness Marketing Agency would be the right fit for him.

Since working with FMA, Renel has not only doubled his client base but has also now launched small group training and PT which has provided another revenue stream.

He has also made the most of being able to network with other Fitness Businesses in a similar position to him through FMA which has brought a whole new level of support to Renel whilst growing his business.