Fitness Marketing Agency sponsored their first Athlete at Wodcelona; the most adaptive-focused Crossfit competition in the world, producing a short documentary on the journey, competition, and overcoming adversity.

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Chris Fair, a fitness coach at Potential Personal Training, West Sussex, UK was diagnosed with retinal dystrophy in 2011. His condition caused his vision to deteriorate eventually leading to him being registered as blind. 11 years on from his diagnosis Chris competed in Wodcelona, his first competitive live event, winning the adaptive sensory category.

Fitness Marketing Agency’s production team joined Chris on his journey producing a short documentary; Fitness Is For Everyone: An Adaptive Story which premiered at the opening of Potential Personal Trainings’ new facility in West Sussex.

The documentary follows Chris’s personal story from diagnosis to being registered as severely blind, to competing and winning his category in Wodcelona.

Upon diagnosis, Chris’s life massively changed. With limitations as to what Chris could do and have control over he turned his focus into his fitness journey, eventually becoming a coach giving him the ability to motivate and inspire others and allowing him back some of the control he had lost.

Chris’s first time competing with other adaptive athletes in front of a live audience was at Wodcelona. The 3-day event showcased athletes from all over the world with a shared determination and incredible zest for accomplishing the challenging competition.

Fitness Is For Everyone: An Adaptive Story is an inspirational documentary leaving a permanent impression on the viewer. Chris continually motivates and inspires local residents with his story and commitment to fitness. His incredible journey along with his impressively positive attitude and motivation leaves others in awe and feeling inspired to create a positive change in their own lives.

The short documentary premiered at the end of January in front of Chris’s friends, family and the community Potential Personal Training has built in their local area of Lindfield. Fitness Marketing Agency were in attendance supporting Chris and the FMA production team on a collaboration of a journey that overcomes adversity and challenges, leading to the first of many competitive wins.

Fitness Is For Everyone: An Adaptive Story has been selected for multiple awards at Boundless Film Festival and will be entered into further domestic and international film festivals.