In support of the Movember campaign, all the staff at Fitness Marketing Agency took part in an 8 hour rowing challenge on Friday 26th November.

Starting at 9am, and with the rower set up in our office, we took it in turns to jump on and row as far as possible. The target was to reach 100km by the end of the day so it was going to require a real team effort.

Liv kicked us off with a 40 minute shift, covering the first few km. Taking over next was Toby, who also rowed for 40 minutes and took the total distance over 15km. Charlie then smashed out a mega row, before handing over to Wes (who also documented the whole day on video – see the video above to watch).

FMA’s youngest team member Dylan then took us over the 40km mark, before the rest of the girls took their turn, with Kim, Janine, Hannah and Suzy putting in a big effort. By this point we were over halfway, and Brooke put on her cheesy workout playlist and got to work.

The competitiveness of the challenge ramped up when Ben jumped on the rower, wanting to know how far he had to go to beat Charlie. With his 40 minute session in the bag we were well on our way to our 100km target.

Dylan, Brooke and Liv all took a second turn to get us onto the home straight. It was up to Toby to bring us home, cheered on by the rest of the team and rounding off a huge day of rowing for him.

We really enjoyed challenging ourselves and raising awareness for an amazing cause. It wasn’t easy, but we made it to our goal and finished in just over 8 hours.

Check out the video for a speedy run through of the entire day!