On October 16 and 17th, Brooke and Charlie represented FMA at the IFBA Live event. The conference took place in the Slate building on Warwick University’s campus, where they met many innovative companies that are doing wonderful things for our industry! The event was an incredible opportunity to learn from other industry experts about how they have successfully built their businesses.

One of the first events of its kind, IFBA Live saw some of the most influential names from the Fitness industry come together to share their wisdom and make connections. The itinerary featured group workouts, guest speakers and live Q&As. Visitors were given the chance to interact with the event partners’ stalls and walk away with a good haul of merchandise!

Guest speakers featured best selling authors Alwyn Cosgrove and Paul Mort, alongside business owners Chris Burgess of Lift The Bar and Dave Wright of MyZone – no wonder Charlie came back so pumped and full of ideas!

On offer at FMA’s stall was the chance to win one of 3 MacBook Airs, and Brooke and Charlie’s offer of free protein bars and energy drinks tempted over a hundred people to participate! Congratulations to the lucky winners – we hope you enjoy your prizes (and use them to keep up to date with everything FMA) 💪🏻

The guys thoroughly enjoyed the conference and met loads of great people. Watch the video to see more of what they got up to!