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Holisium: Background

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Tom Leith started off personal training in a big commercial gym, self-employed walking the gym floor building up his client list.

With success in getting clients, Tom found he could employ somebody else to train the clients he couldn’t whilst training his own and earn off of him too.

Whilst helping a client with some rehabilitation he learned of a studio that was becoming available; taking over the lease Tom started Holisium and stayed in the same premises building up his clientéle over two years and taking on two members of staff.

The challenge

Securing a larger 2,000 square foot space Tom wanted more trainers and to be available during more hours; to do this he needed more clients and he knew that he needed more marketing structure, so he sought out Fitness Marketing Agency to help.
Tom wanted someone like himself who had been in the industry but specialised in marketing and could deliver.
Wanting a clear marketing plan for the year, FMA was a great fit for him as we could deliver on getting the leads he needed.

How we helped

Fitness Marketing Agency partnered Holisium with a structured marketing campaign that targeted an audience who turned into leads and valuable clients. 

We took care of the marketing plan for Tom so that he could focus on other aspects of the business.


With their first campaign live Tom sat back and watched the leads come pouring in.
Within two days they had to turn the adverts off to keep up with the leads as they’d had over 100 in!
Until that point Tom had relied on word of mouth to bring in new clients. He was able to fill his bootcamp, upsell some clients, and bring in some one-to-one clients which improved the whole size of his business. Now employing seven trainers Tom has enough work for them all, and a busy thriving gym.
Crediting FMA with his success, he found the easiest part of working with them has been the team of people that have made it seamless for him to build the whole thing out, plus not having so many different systems and operations to follow.


If you are sceptical about joining FMA I would say it’s built from a guy that’s been in the industry; he’s been a personal trainer, and he’s got a proven track record and a team of people making it seamless for you.

Tom Leith, Holisium

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