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Sweat IT: Background

Thomas Burgess qualified as a Personal Trainer after transforming his own body to become a physique model; he thought that the best way for him to get clients would be for him to be as ripped and big as possible, but very quickly he realised that no one cared about his physique or qualifications more than they cared about themselves. After setting up as a one-to-one Personal Trainer and starting circuit classes in schools he eventually transitioned into small group training and his own premises.

The challenge

Thomas was on the fence about joining Fitness Marketing Agency due to his past experience with agencies not delivering to his expectations.

How we helped

Fitness Marketing Agency created a marketing strategy that ensured Sweat IT was reaching the right audience in order to not only gain leads but gain high-quality leads that were easily converted to clients.


Within one month of joining the programme he made £21K! Repackaging his sessions and learning how to speak to clients after they had got in contact made a big difference to Thomas’ business; 80% of potential clients signed up after his first campaign and he now feels confident that the sales training he has received stands him in good stead to convert most enquiries to clients.

When the leads start coming in and there’s the sales training to back up actually talking to people and being confident about it and then to re-evaluate it, it works – so why not?!

Thomas Burgess, Sweat IT

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