Another controversial subject today.

But let me hit you with this first…

You MOST probably don’t need any more qualifications in the teaching of fitness and nutrition.

Back in 2001 when I started in the fitness industry I spent thousands on further educational courses.

I loved it.

I learnt so much.

But here is the down side…

– I never once got return of investment from the money I paid for these courses.

Meaning that if a course cost me £1,000 for a 2-day workshop, all I received was a certificate and knowledge around that subject. I couldn’t turn that £1,000 investment into £2,000, as back then I had no marketing experience or know-how to market my new skill set.

– My clients didn’t care. I would come back from these workshops buzzing on a Monday, I would tell my clients all about them and guess what…? They weren’t interested.

– I would proudly list my qualifications on my website, business cards and flyers, and not once did someone enquire to hire me because of those qualifications. Not once did they look into these qualifications or ask for me to provide certificates.

Now don’t get me wrong…

You can’t just do a 6-week online personal trainer course and think that’s it.

Here’s what I would have done differently if I were to do it again.

– From the start to 3 years in the industry: Invest heavily in my education and skill up in all things nutrition and fitness, plus train as many people as possible to get the hours under my belt.

– 3-5 years in the industry: STOP all education on the subject of fitness / nutrition and start investing in how to market myself better and generate leads / new client sales.

5 years plus: Get my fitness business to a point that it’s scalable and I can bring on coaches under me that I can mentor, so together we have a greater impact in the local area. And then – only when my business is at a level that it’s profitable – start to re-invest back into my education again…

But only one course per year.

I would still be investing 90% into business / marketing education.

The BEST and BIGGEST fitness businesses didn’t get that way because of the qualifications of the gym owners.

They got that way because the gym owner could:

(1) Market


(2) Sell

That’s it.

P.S. Education is important.

But right now in your local town / city there are people that desperately need your help!

But they don’t know about you.

They don’t know that you exist.

They haven’t heard of you.

Spending money on marketing will attract these people to you, not another course on bio-mechanics of the human body.