In this short video Charlie from the FMA team shares why right now is the best time to be advertising on Facebook. 



Across the board we are seeing many of our clients generating leads for under £1. This is due to a number of factors:

  1. When you get the right messaging targeting the correct demographic that speaks directly to them you’ll get mass opt-ins for your offer.
  2. Less people are advertising on Facebook right now which means that you get market domination to scale your business.

This marketing is specific for the current situation as it aims to reassure the market that it’s safe to come back to the gym, that it’s safe to train and that the clients are gonna get the results that they want when they come in.

You can’t just rely on organic marketing you have to put skin in the game and invest into paid marketing.

If you truly want to impact more people, grow a brand that people enjoy doing business with, make more money and scale your business. 

Then pay attention to what we’re doing at Fitness Marketing Agency and how we are helping our clients succeed even in these stormy waters.

At FMA we can take you from where you are to where you want to be in a quick and easy manner by implementing marketing systems that are proven across the world. 

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