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The HIIT locker : Background

Phil Edgar was working in sales management and reached a stage where he realised that he was not enjoying what he was doing and wanted to do something that he would enjoy and be passionate about.

After a bad day at work Phil decided to leave and get a job at a gym that was in the same industrial park as his former job. He worked on and off at the gym for six months to a year until he saw an ad for a great place in his area which he got up and running in a year.

The challenge

Phil only had around four clients since he started and had a difficult time with the marketing of his business. He admits that the little he put out there did work to a certain degree but was not nearly as effective as he needed it to be.

He worked on his business extensively over two years implementing paid advertising and had even reached a total of 90 clients through his efforts. Things seemed to be running quite well for Phil until Covid-19 hit.

How we helped

By doing his marketing himself Phil l thought that he would be saving money but in actual fact he ended up saving more after paying FMA to take over his marketing operations. He has also seen a drastic increase in the amount of leads he gets per advert.

“We signed up nine members in our first week, eight members in our second week and then we got i think it was three last week but we’ve just kicked off our second campaign and it’s I think we’ve I think we’ve been in something the likes of 30 odd leads over the weekend within the first three days of the campaign.” – Phil Edgar

I would say to anyone who’s really considering it like if you are someone who’s willing to put in some work because you’re passionate about your business these guys will literally take you by the hand teach you everything you need to know and it will be successful.

Phil Edgar, The HIIT Locker

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