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Busy Men’s/Women’s Fitness Club: Background

After working a number of different jobs in various industries, Russell began his journey in the gym sector as a fitness consultant. He spent a while working on the gym floor trying to boost his confidence in approaching new clients, before going into management and eventually going self-employed as a trainer.

The challenge

Russell was trying to transition to being an online trainer when the Covid-19 pandemic forced him to do this even quicker. He knew he had the skills and experience to help people, but he didn’t know the best way to get leads and come face to face with potential clients.

How we helped

Since working with FMA, Russell’s client base has gone from around 15 to more than 90. He’s become more confident at marketing himself and is able to help more people than ever before. Having a steady flow of leads also allows him to project his income, meaning he can enjoy more free time without fear of when he’s going to get paid.

“Even though there was some work to do up front, I knew exactly what I needed to do and once all that was done you guys built everything for me” – Russell Grant

“FMA have provided me with REAL results and I can’t thank them enough”

Russell Grant, Busy Men’s/Women’s Fitness Club

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