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Hunt Fitness: Background

Charlotte started in this industry because she knew she wanted to help people become the best version of themselves.

The challenge

When Charlotte was working in the corporate environment, she did not feel they were supportive to her and her success – their interest in her was simply ‘paying the rent’.

Charlotte needed someone who could help her develop her business and work on her clients’ successes.

How we helped

Charlotte left the corporate world and did some business coaching to help catapult her into the fitness business world.

“I was introduced to FMA through that and since joining FMA it has been fantastic! I have not only been supported, but also educated – with marketing particularly. They have shown me how to look for other areas where I can grow my business, expand it and have a ‘bigger vision’. I now believe anything is possible; through working with FMA there has been massive growth for me and my business.

Thanks to FMA I have been able to go from working in a corporate gym to having my own studio in 5 months. It has yielded huge financial and personal benefits!

You can learn from other people within FMA. Being able to talk to people one or two steps ahead of me and learn from them is fantastic. So is learning from others who are at the same stage as me, seeing what’s working for them in terms of their marketing. It has been so helpful in enabling me to target as many people as I can, in order for me to help as many people as I can.

The Facebook marketing is great, you get leads really easily and they literally come to my phone making it easy to stay on top of. Every campaign brings in a vast amount of leads – I follow these up by giving them a call and they then come in to see me and this leads to sales.

I would say to someone sitting on the fence, take the leap, honestly. You don’t know what you are missing until you are inside it. It is a really great community of loads of great people. Not only do they help you sort out your marketing, they also help to educate you, and I feel I have a great support network within the FMA community. If I need help and assistance, they are always there for you.” – Charlotte


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