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Bristol Wellness Personal Training: Background

Ben Winter had always enjoyed fitness, he came from a family that had always been affiliated with sports and fitness. He started off working the graveyard shift at a small gym, slowly he got more and more work as a fitness instructor. Ben was extremely passionate about fitness so he dreamed of starting his own training studio.

“I got the equivalent in our industry of “head-hunted” by one of the big gyms who lured me into work more but be paid less – however get qualifications.” – Ben Winter

The challenge

At the age of 22 he jumped out and started his own business. The business slowly grew, bit by bit, until he got to a level where he had around 25 hours of one-to-one clients a week for himself. Saturated in the mornings and evening, yet could not find clients for his ‘middle-space’. At the same time he proposed to his now wife and set some goals. Ben wanted a family and I knew that he wanted to run his business in a sustainable manner and still have time for his family.

How we helped

We have helped Ben increase his leads and sales, but also by generating more enquiries and conversations with potential customers through marketing efforts. This allowed him to expand and create more free time for him to spend with his family. We pride ourselves in creating a consistent, strategic, marketing platform for our clients in which they can thrive in.

“So before I was working with FMA we were roughly servicing 85-90 clients a week. We now do upwards of 120-130 clients a week. So that is a huge jump for us. But it is not just that. We were turning over roughly 9,500 and now we are much closer to 15,000. Ben and I have plans to make that 20,000.” – Ben Winter

 If you are on the fence then you know you probably can afford it and do need it. I guess I am walking proof and there are many more people like me. I have known Ben for years, what he does works. So if you have the want, you have the desire, you have the passion to push your life and your fitness business to where you want it to be – I don’t know what else I can say but just do it!

Ben Winter, Bristol Wellness Personal Training
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