I hear this often…

Fitness Business Owners like yourself who have hired one man band consultants to help them with marketing.

These consultant will most probably do the following:

– Work from their bedroom

– Live at home with Mum and Dad

– Have never spent their own money on advertising. (They most probably did cold outreach via Facebook, email or linkedin to acquire customers.)

– Have never sold anything in the fitness industry before

– They’ve bought a few products or courses to ‘learn’ their trade

– They have limited social proof / results

– They charge cheap rates

– If they get ill or go on holiday – your work doesn’t get done

– The relationship with you starts off well, but they gain a few more clients and then suddenly they are skipping meetings and not returning messages

I’m sure you get the picture…


So what should you do instead?

Look for a company that has the following:

Social proof (which means that their system works!)
– Staff (Which means if someone is sick, someone else can step in)
– A proven system that gets you results- A guarantee that what they ‘do’ actually works
Case studies from clients (Social proof, I think I mentioned this before, It’s so important)

At the Fitness Marketing Agency we’re changing the industry for the better.

Helping fitness business owners like you get maximum impact with their marketing.

If you want to finish the year strong – financially

Add more ideal clients, build better systems in your fitness business and stand out in a crowded market place…

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P.S. The famous saying goes…

“Don’t buy cheap because you end up buying twice!”

Which leads onto the most common question we get at the Fitness Marketing Agency from Fitness Business Owners which is…

“How much does it cost?”

And my answer every time…

Depends what you need.

Click the link now, fill in the survey, schedule a call and let’s speak next week.