This training is for advanced gyms only

Fitness Marketing Agency - 956 Enquiries


Because 80% of the fitness industry doesn’t have:

(1) The systems, or
(2) The staff

to deal with 956 enquiries in 30 days, which works out at 31 enquiries a day.

But more established gyms that have been in the industry a while do.

They have a scalable model.

They have a sales team.

So just a word of warning this training is for ADVANCED fitness businesses only.

Click the link and watch now.

Just in case you’re wondering what I cover in this video, here you go:

1.58 to 3.44: Why you shouldn’t film your Facebook ads in your gym and the exact strategy used to generate 956 leads in 30 days.

3.47 to 4.53: Why segmenting sex when marketing matters, and the power of social proof.

4.53 to 5.43: How to only speak to qualified buyers that can afford your services.

5.43 to 8.01: The power of group consultations and why you need to STOP doing one-to-one consults.

8.01 till 9.46: Why you need micro commitments in your sales funnel and giving your best stuff away FREE.

9.46 till end: Speak to us? (Maybe)