Fitness Marketing Agency - 81 Enquiries

Do you want to find out how an Irish gym owner was able to produce 81 enquiries in 10 days for just under €50?

Watch Case Study Now!

I’ve put together a quick case study to show you behind-the-scenes of these amazing results and more.

Simply click the link to watch now.

Here are the key points to watch out for

Start – 0.37: Proof of results

0.40 – 2.45: Behind the scenes of the high converting marketing campaign
2.45 – 4.15: The power of a free report / PDF in your marketing
4.15 – 7.29: Messenger marketing revealed
7.29 – 8.04: More than just Facebook ads
8.04 – End: Why FMA? Speak to us? (Maybe)

Watch Case Study Now!