Fitness Marketing Agency, The Largest Marketing Agency For Gym Owners In The UK And Ireland Held Its Latest Event On The 2nd Of March 2023 At The Aviva Stadium In Dublin, Ireland. With 200 Clients In Attendance, The Day Was Filled With A Huge Sense Of Community, New Ideas, Valuable Insights, Knowledge And Actionable Strategies.

FMA’s Mastermind is a one-day event that has the power to impact you and your business. The day is not just about motivating and inspiring you to grow and develop but to open your mind up to skills and strategies that you can directly implement straight into your business.

Why attend Fitness Marketing Agency’s Mastermind events?

1. The power of networking

Having 200 entrepreneurs in the room gives you the opportunity to build your support network and creates a powerful community. You can’t do it alone. This event allows you to connect with like-minded Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, some of whom you may aspire to be like, who you can connect with and share knowledge with, in order to grow your business.

2. Building a growth mindset

Mindset is the foundation of a successful business so this is where you need to start. Consistent happiness as a Business Owner allows you to make better decisions and be present. Working on your mindset needs never-ending improvement and Mastermind gives you insight into how to make this happen.

3. Goal Setting

Throughout the day you will start effectively goal setting and envisioning what you want your future to look like and most importantly how you can make it happen. Learn what is important to you, what is your why, your mission, and your passion.

4. Specific industry knowledge

Industry experts talk all things community, fitness programming, sales, finances and so many more things you need to learn and understand to successfully grow and scale your gym. Mastermind gives you the opportunity to learn things that you can implement into your business from the moment you leave and allows you to gain a whole new perspective on certain areas of your business as well as growth opportunities.

What did the Dublin Mastermind consist of?

  • International Speaker, Omar Sharif
  • Ollie Marchon & Jenz Robinson, PFCA – Programming for success
  • Industry wellbeing expert, Oliver Patrick
  • Mindset coaching expert, Pete Cohen
  • HYROX, Frank Valencia & Edward Dier – Building your community
  • Informative Talks on accounting and how to raise your finances from SWOOP and Cloud Accounting
  • Members sharing behind the scenes – what’s working now
  • Networking opportunities
  • Sales workshop with Tom Jackobs, Luke Robinson (Sales &Coaching Advisor at FMA) and Ben Davis (CEO & Founder FMA)
  • Amazing food to fuel the day!

Fitness Marketing Agency’s first keynote speaker was Omar Sharif. Omar ran onto the stage, bringing the energy, and started his talk with the theme of transformation. Through time and energy, people build their story but not everyone believes in themselves which is exactly what Omar wanted to highlight and help everyone with today. Through real-life examples and experiences, Omar demonstrated the importance of a story. As humans, we relate to emotion, we become what we say to ourselves repeatedly but you have the power to change that.

Omar demonstrated the power of the stories you tell yourself, they can literally change your body and your health. Get your clients to tell you their own story, their own success story. Omar discussed how using storytelling in sales will massively transform your business but first, you need to work on your own story.

Omar’s talk left FMA clients understanding the power that storytelling has whether it’s to yourself or the power storytelling has within your business. He provided the tools and strategies to show FMA clients how to implement storytelling into their business and how to use clarity, confidence and communication.

Everyone in the room is in the business of getting results and providing a service. Omar’s talk helped everyone achieve the right mindset to change their state, and shift their story in order to get themselves and the people they work with their desired results. Omar left the audience with the key takeaway, when you become outcome driven, the income will follow.

Next up at Brighton Mastermind, we heard from FMA’s own clients who are experts in their field, educating attendees on business specifics in the Fitness Industry.

Who were the Speakers?

Laila Jacobi – (Girls Allowed Gym, Essex, UK) Talked Coffee shops, Hair Salons and Gym Ownership.

Ben (CEO & Founder of FMA) and Charlie (Sales & Marketing Manager) interviewed FMA client Laila Jacobi on all things business. Laila’s fitness journey herself started off with going to a ladies-only gym, she was size 18, and felt self-conscious and intimidated going to a ‘normal gym’ so she wanted to build her own ladies-only gym to give ladies the opportunity to break through those barriers. Laila doubled her membership in the first year and since joining FMA has expanded to three locations. Laila has built multiple arrays of businesses along the same street including a coffee shop and a hair salon along with her gym. She has successfully expanded her community by offering different services. Laila’s key takeaway and secret to her success is building strong relationships with people, the importance of community and how to sell and market successfully across multiple businesses in different industries.

Fionn MacCullagh (Tailor Made Fitness, Ireland) spoke on how he achieved 5 gyms in 5 years.

Fionn spoke about how he started his fitness business with just himself, his business partner and a small studio. Fast forward five years and he has five successful gyms. In order to scale, Fionn knew he needed to put good systems in place. Fionn and his business partner had to let go of being the best coach, being the only salesperson and instead systemise it and hand over these tasks to team members. Fionn used this huge learning curve to demonstrate to FMA clients that if you are doing everything yourself, it’s impossible to scale, you cannot do everything and in fact, you may not be as good as you think you are. You need to build a good team around you and delegate tasks to others. Fionn joined FMA and is now up to 5 locations with plans to go nationwide in 2024. He has the belief he can move forward and truly inspired FMA clients with the power of his mindset to achieve incredible growth in his fitness business.

Steve Marsden – (Steve Marsden Fitness, Scotland) talked about creating an unrivalled experience for everyone with fitness.

Steve started by telling the audience, everything has a pain point. You need to understand this in order to understand how to help people thrive. Steve demonstrated that people need to feel in control of their own behaviours and goals and they can do that by gaining mastery of different tasks and skills. Steve highlighted that most people have no community and with that a lack of belonging and attachment and gave actionable advice on how to genuinely help people feel part of something and how that can successfully impact your business.

David Knowles – (Evolutis Sport & Fitness, Ireland) spoke about how to enjoy & love what you do & the people you work with will too.

David opened up to the audience about struggling with mental health issues in the past and how his mission has been to help as many people as possible overcome certain pains and struggles. His story and how he communicates with people really resonates with a lot of people. There are plenty of people who want and need help with their mental health. People hate the gym, they are struggling and feel intimidated, afraid to start, feel very self-conscious – so how do you find a way to encourage these people into the gym? David highlighted exactly how he overcame this and shares his core values. He shared that people do not have the tools to deal with what they are struggling with but you have the opportunity as a gym owner to have a huge impact if you have the right approach.

Dom Hodge – (Baseline Fitness, Wales) talks about fitness programming and community events.

Dom encouraged FMA clients to delve deeper into the programming in their gyms. Dom shared knowledgeable insights on how to effectively design your program to maximise adherence from clients and how to achieve long-term progress with your members. Most people do not know why they need to follow a program so it is your job to educate clients. Dom communicated how to technically use energy systems and other strategies in your programming to create sustainable practices in your gym before breaking down exactly how he programmes for all different group sizes for clients of all abilities. Dom finished his talk with the importance of community and how he has successfully implemented programming into his fitness community events.

Fitness Marketing Agency is so much more than marketing. One goal of Mastermind is to connect you with experts who can help you make your business more successful. Round table talks allowed FMA’s clients to connect with industry experts as well as companies who partner with FMA.

Round table talks included Industry wellbeing expert Oliver Patrick. He opened up everyone’s minds to wellness being a major part of health and fitness that is rarely implemented. Ollie is at the forefront of the industry when it comes to wellness with over 20 years of experience delivering, creating, and governing executive health screens, advanced health assessments, and corporate wellbeing facilities. The knowledge and insight Ollie brought at Mastermind undoubtedly opened up major discussions and questions giving the opportunity for FMA’s clients to grow, develop their knowledge and even bring something entirely new to their businesses. There are so many people out there who are in desperate need of help and the education Ollie provides will allow so many Fitness Business Owners to start giving much-needed support to their clients. Not only can you help an incredible amount of people but the well-being industry was worth £23 billion in the UK in 2020 so there is so much opportunity to add revenue to your business by exploring this.

Mindset coach and expert, Pete Cohen talks about future self. Pete empowers FMA clients to go out and create the future they want to build by creating a better relationship with their future selves. Everything we do is governed by the view of the future but most people’s view is limited because we haven’t evolved to look so far ahead. Pete provides the tools and strategies to stop living in fear and instead live in hope, seeing a future that is better than what you have right now and how you can get there.

Duncan Lloyd from Cloud Accounting is a chartered accountant by profession and started Cloud Accounting to create an accountancy firm that actually helps clients make money not just manage it. After finding the book Profit First, Duncan elevated his business further. It changed his perspective to work with the natural entrepreneurial desire and focus on cash and profit. Duncan focuses on driving permanent profitability and making tactical decisions on a timely basis in order to build a successful business. Duncan delved into the psychology behind finances and how you can tactfully and creatively control your money in order to affect how you think and the decisions you make.

Ollie Marchon and Jenz Robinson from PFCA talk about how product, programming and delivery can hugely impact the profitability of your gym. Their goal is to deliver education and plant better products to elevate the service gym owners provide to clients and they have demonstrated that by focusing on the quality of the product and the quality of the coaches they train and hire, their profitability has massively risen. Ollie and Jenz educate FMA clients on how to build a sustainable business by providing valuable insights into programming, adapting your product and investing in your team.

Frank Valencia and Edward Dier from HYROX tell FMA clients exactly what the event is and what it consists of. HYROX was formed with the goal of making sure it’s not just for athletes. It is not about being the best or winning but it’s an event for people of all abilities, it doesn’t matter if you don’t finish, the importance is in taking part, getting involved and being part of a positive, fitness community. Frank and Eddie discuss how FMA clients as gym owners can become affiliated with HYROX and how they can benefit from this incredible community event and implement the coaching into their gym.

Richie Caroll from SWOOP discussed how you can get funding for your Fitness Business. SWOOP helps small and medium-based businesses raise funds in order to grow and scale their business. Getting a loan and funding can be really overwhelming but SWOOP help you access exactly the right funding for you, they do the research and find the best option. Richie’s insights into funding were incredibly valuable to FMA clients, providing opportunities for them to access the right resources to enable further growth in their fitness businesses.

Fitness Marketing Agency had a number of their partners at the event including BLK BOX, PFCA, Swoop, HYROX, FBP, FBDA, Azura, Wellbeing Fitness, InternetFitPro, Cloud Accounting and LegitFit giving further opportunities for FMA’s clients to network, engage, build relationships and explore ideas in order to grow and develop their businesses.

FMA’s Mastermind events are exclusive to their clients. The day is incredibly valuable, allowing clients to step out of their own business for one day in order to work on their business. It can be isolating and lonely building a business and Mastermind gives you a community of like-minded people who are willing to share ideas, inspire, motivate and collaborate. Fitness Marketing Agency’s Mastermind is at the forefront of the industry and an event that is truly special for all those who attend. FMA’s next Mastermind Event is at The Amex Stadium in Brighton on the 28th of June 2023.

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